Image without sculpting $50

This is an option often chosen by surgeons who need the images in theatre as a surgical guide. It is also used for studies comparing pre and post operative results.

Single body area sculpting session $200  

This is a terrific option for people with a problem area they have always wanted addressed. Are you trying to decide whether bigger boobs will suit you? Would a flatter tummy be a hit at the beach? Is that lumpy nose the thing holding you back from the catwalk?

If this is you then we have the solution!

Duo Package $350

Is a single treatment area not going to be enough? Are you going to need new breast to go with the flat tummy? This is your best option.

The Tripple $450

The total body make over. You want to see what a new body, breast and face can look like. Go no further until you have seen what we can achieve for you. Stunning changes are possible. Make informed decisions before you see a surgeon.